A Taste of Good Health – smart and effortless food swaps to make you look and feel better in 2020 Recipe

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2020 is the year for small changes that can bring you big results. Make these smart food swaps for a new year and a brand new you!


Every January it can be tempting to succumb to a case of resolution-itis. You solemnly promise yourself that this will be the year you run a marathon, join a gym and finally lose 20 kilos. But big resolutions are inevitably followed by bigger disappointments. So set aside those lofty goals, there’s a simpler route to a better you. Here are our tips for making small tweaks and swaps to your diet, for a more long-term and sustainable impact on your health:


Ancient grains – While rice and wheat are a staple for most of us, they can be easily and quite often be replaced with nutrient-rich ancient grains such as quinoa, bajra, jowar, oats, barley, amaranth, teff, buckwheat and ragi. These grains are called ‘ancient’ because they are free from genetic modifications and have remained largely unchanged over the past few centuries. They are high in fibre, vitamins and plant-proteins and are much healthier than heavily-hybridised wheat and rice.


Kanji over iced tea, tisanes over soft drinks –It’s that time of the year when we reach for indigenous beverages such as the famed winter carrot drink Kanji. Dubbed the Indian kombucha, the traditional northern drink is made from crushed black carrots, spices and beetroot and set out in the winter sun for four days to ferment naturally. Packed with live flora, such drinks balance the gut microbiome so you can start the year with improved digestion and enhanced immune function.


Herbal tisanes with anti-inflammatory ingredients like fruit, herbs, ginger, turmeric and cinnamon, also make refreshing substitutes to caffeine and sugar-laden soft drinks.


Snacking can be healthy too! – Switch up your snacking game by swapping potato chips for roasted nuts and baked sweet potato; and fried snacks for puffed and vacuum-fried options like beetroot, kale, sweet potato and okra chips or quinoa puffs, jowar puffs and makhana. If your sweet tooth is hankering for more, swap out candy and chocolate for energy bites and trail mix, which are healthier and equally delicious.


Alternative milks

Plant-based milks are proving not only to be better for us, but also for the planet. Lactose-free substitutes to cow milk, such as almond, pistachio, walnut, macadamia, oat and rice milk have lower amounts of fat than dairy and are also more easily digestible for people who are lactose intolerant.


Mayo without the calories

Calorie-dense mayonnaise can be easily substituted with mashed avocado, nutty hummus, Greek yoghurt, nut butters and pesto.


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