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Cranberry Cheese Kulcha - Foodhall India

Cranberry Cheese Kulcha

Cook Time : 15 minutes
Difficulty : Easy
Serves : 6 serves


  • Firm Tofu, 150g
  • Cumin, 5g
  • Garlic powder, 5g
  • Extra virgin olive oil, 40ml
  • Red wine vinegar, 15ml
  • Water, 20ml
  • Parsley, 45g
  • Cilantro, 30g
  • Basil, 30g
  • Garlic, 10g, chopped
  • Salt, to taste
  • Crushed black pepper, to taste


  1. Simply blend all the ingredients together, except the tofu
  2. Marinate the extra firm tofu in the prepared mixture for 2 hours
  3. In a pan, drizzle some vegetable oil and on medium to high flame and grill the tofu for 2 minutes on each side
  4. Transfer on a serving platter and top with the remaining chimichurri marinade, garnish with birds eye chilli and serve immediately

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