Bowl Meals to Bowl You Over Recipe

Team Foodhall

Discover the global food trend delivering a riot of flavours and the nutritional benefits of an entire meal in one deliciously Wholesome Bowl! Swing by The Café by Foodhall for our latest menu additions, which make it that much easier to eat healthy when eating out!

Warm Oatmeal Bowl – 

Supercharge your mornings with a bowl of slow-cooked oatmeal speckled with housemade granola and a choice of berries, chia seeds or bananas, along with a protein-rich dollop of almond or peanut butter. We can’t think of a more delicious start to the day!

Avo Curry Bowl –

A bowlful of nutrients and healthy fats? Yes, please! Sliced avocado, baby eggplants, long beans and mung sprouts sit pretty atop this comforting bowl of steaming yellow curry and jasmine rice. Vegans can enjoy their’s with the addition of soft tofu, as an alternative to chicken.

Bajra Riso Bowl – 

This warm risotto swaps out rice for the ancient grain pearl millet, which is rich in good-for-your-heart magnesium and cholesterol-lowering fibre. It comes with a verdant medley of sun-dried tomatoes, asparagus, broccoli and more vivacious veggies. What’s more, this bowl is cooked in A2 ghee, which is proven to be rich in amino acids and is more easily digestible!

Quinoa Pilaf with Saag –

A complete protein and gluten-free to boot, this delicious bowl also stars iron-rich winter greens and veggie. Expect a crunchy, nutritious punch loaded with virtuous flavours!

Mexican Gumbo –

Fibre-rich sweet potato, vitamin-rich zucchini, guacamole and pico de gallo feature in this Mexican-inspired gumbo. You can top your’s off with spicy chipotle sour cream, cheddar cheese and crushed nachos for an added punch.

Curried Soba Bowl –

A vibrant red Thai curry cloaks gluten-free and vitamin-rich buckwheat noodles, with the soul-stirring broth packed with stir-fried vegetables. Get your’s with chicken or tofu for extra protein power.

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