Bring Home the Barley Recipe

Team Foodhall

The chewy, nutty, nutrient-packed grain is our food superstar of the month.

Delicious, versatile and easy to cook, barley has earned a place in kitchens around the world for thousands of years. Read on to discover why you should make it a staple in your own home.

Good for your gut 
A prebiotic that ‘feeds’ the good bacteria in your gut, barley is said to prevent bowel cancers. It is also rich in insoluble fibre called ‘roughage’ that boosts digestion.  

Great for your heart 
Barley is a low-glycemic grain which lowers blood cholesterol levels and keeps your heart healthy. 

Even better on your plate
Barley adds heft to soups, salads and stews. Mixed with lemon, it makes a nourishing drink in summer and warming khichdis in winter. It’s a fibre-loaded alternative to rice and is wonderful in pulavs and puddings. The possibilities are endless! 

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