Getting Into The Festive Spirit Of Christmas With Foodhall Recipe

Ayushi Gupta

What does Christmas mean to you?

As a Londoner, for me it is synonymous with mulled wine, mince pies and hot chocolate galore! For Spaniards, it’s honey and almond-encrusted turróns which spring to mind, for the French, yule logs (a frosted sponge cake of sorts), Panettone for the Italians and so the list goes on… each country has its own set of traditions which bring boundless Christmas cheer and joy!

Here are my top picks of festive treats to tuck into, inspired by cross-cultural celebrations from around the world.

Tres Leches

Literally translating to “three milks” cake, this quintessential Latin American dessert is especially popular on Christmas eve.

tres leche

It is made with the a mix of three different types of milk – sweetened condensed milk, thickened cream and evaporated milk, which are then soaked through endless layers of vanilla sponge cake. Experience the heavenly result for yourself with master baker Shivesh Bhatia’s easy-to-follow recipe, here.

Portuguese Egg Tarts

There is something undeniably Christmassy about these classic Portuguese tarts too with the flaky pastry heartily holding up a sweet vanilla-suffused cream!

portuguese egg tarts

Recipe, here.

Torta Caprese

Named after the island of Capri where it originated, this decadently rich chocolate is made with ground almonds instead of flour, rendering it perfect for those on gluten-free diets!

Torta Caprese

Recipe, here.

Savoury Gallette

Then there is the “cake of three kings”, a.k.a. Gallete des Rois – a French pastry which celebrates the Feast of the Epiphany, when the three wise men came to see the baby Jesus.

In the traditional form, the deliciously buttery crust cocoons an exquisite frangipane filling (almond cream paste) with a small charm or figurine hidden inside too. Find it and you’ll likely be in charge of making the gallete at next year’s soirée!

But for something a little different, why not try Amrita Rana’s savoury twist to this crusty cake. It’s perfect for putting good use to those leftover pears and tomatoes in your kitchen too!


Recipe, here.

All-time classics

Of course, sometimes nothing brings more joy than timeless classics like those comfortingly warm and spicy cinnamon buns on Christmas morning…


… Or nutty gingerbread cookies dunked into your coffee – or in my case, this Java Latte made with Arqa’s signature Java Chai Latte blend, which hits all the right winter-warming notes!

But if you’re crazy for cocoa instead, I’d recommend this recipe for spiced chocolate pot de crèmes, which are perfect for serving at your Christmas party too!

Celebrations in-store

If you’re short on time, then you can always pop into your nearest Foodhall store to get into the festive spirit of the season!

From mince pies and roulade to panettones and stollen, you can expect to find all sorts of Christmas goodies lining the shelves. I especially have my eye on the crumble pies which make the most of the berries season! Strawberry and almond crumble anyone? 

What are your festive favourites?