Cocktails & Canapés Recipe

Ayushi Gupta

There’s something about the arrival of December which signals the start of a soirée-filled season.

From hosting a deliciously healthy brunch for your friends to an unapologetically decadent truffle-tinged dinner, this columnist has shared a few ideas for making your next party stand out. In this latest edition, I’m talking about a cracking selection of canapés to pair with cocktails if you’re in the mood for a relaxed and understated evening with a glamourous edge…

Baked Brie

As a starting point, I’d keep the focus on fuss-free finger-food, which is stylish and sophisticated yet substantive and easy to pick up on its own… It might sound like a tall order at first, but is actually quite simple to pull off if you have the right recipes in mind!

My favorites include these delicate yet flavour-packed cucumber parcels and feta shrooms


… And Mini cauliflower-pizzas and/ or grilled fruits crostinis, which strike a fine balance between light and hearty textures.

Other eats which always whet my guests’ appetites include these spinach cheese balls (a sprightly twist on everyone’s favourite!) and tapioca and fenugreek poppers.


A well-curated cheese board is always a good idea, especially when paired with the right accoutrements including olives, bread, fresh jam and/ or honey. You can also add a dramatic touch by serving baked brie on an Arqa Himalayan Pink Salt Block  – it’s a bit theatrical yes, but guarantees to leave your guests oh-so-impressed!

A final word of advice: presentation is everything and can elevate even the simplest of starters to more exciting levels! From mini cones (perfect for those poppers!) and jars to striking platters, be as bold and creative as you can!

If you’re looking to cater your next event, you could also have a look at the Party Chef menu, available here.