Coconut Dry Fruit Laddoo

Coconut & Dry fruit Ladoo Recipe

This paneer and coconut laddoo is a fresh, light and easy to make Indian sweet.
Cook Time: 20 minutes

Difficulty: Moderate
Serves: 4 people


Sweetened Condensed milk; 1 cup

Grated paneer or freshly made Chhena; 250g

Desiccated coconut; 1½ cup

Ghee or Butter;1 tbsp

Cardamom; 2, crushed or 1/2 tsp

Sugar; 1 tsp

Pistachio, chopped; 20g

Almond, chopped; 20g

Walnut, chopped; 20g

Desiccated coconut; ¼ cup for rolling


  1. Toast desiccated coconut for a minute. Remove and keep it aside.
  2. Mash the paneer until smooth and creamy. In a heavy bottom pan, mix the paneer and sweetened condensed milk. Cook on low heat stirring constantly.
  3. Add in the toasted desiccated coconut, mix and continue cooking on low heat. Add cardamom powder and mix again.
  4. Cook it until the mixture thickens and starts leaving the sides. Keep stirring continuously to avoid browning the mixture.
  5. Add toasted and chopped mixed nuts to this mixture and mix well. Transfer the mixture onto a greased tray and spread to cool.
  6. Make small balls of 30g each and roll over desiccated coconut and chopped mixed nuts.  

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