Cold-pressed Oils – Making the Switch Recipe

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Have you seen the phrase ‘cold-pressed’ popping up everywhere recently? From cold-pressed oils to juices, it’s the latest trend to take the food world by storm.

But what exactly does the term mean?

They’ve been around for a while

 Far from being the new kids on the block, cold pressed oils have been around since forever. With the advent of the industrial revolution, however, they were unseated by refined oils. Refined oil is extracted using high heat, which produces more oil, even from older seeds, but degrades its flavour and nutritional quality.

There’s nothing fine about refined oil

Refining is a process of purification through which oils are stripped of naturally occurring gums, proteins, phospholipids and fine seed particles. They are also neutralised, bleached and deodorised until they become mere shadows of their former selves.

So what is cold pressed oil really?

Cold pressed oil is extracted using young oil seeds or fruit pieces, which are ground with a mortar and pestle and pressed without the use of heat. The oil undergoes minimal processing and remains rich in lecithin, antioxidants, vitamins and proteins.

How do I make the switch to cold-pressed?

Look for labeling on your oil bottles that says kachchi ghani, raw, virgin or cold-pressed. Switching to cold-pressed oil, which has all of its nutritional value intact, paves the way for dishes packed with oodles of flavour. Rather than being a passive medium like refined oil, cold-pressed oils infuse dishes with aroma and zest. Shrimp cooked in virgin coconut oil or eggplant cooked in kachchi ghani mustard oil is delicately complimented by its flavour.

Cold-pressed Avocado Oil has a high smoking point, or temperature at which it burns, making it great for frying and grilling. With its relatively low smoking point, omega-3-rich flaxseed oil is better drizzled over salads and grills. Look to cold-pressed almond oil for an abundance of Vitamin E. It tastes delicious drizzled over overnight oats and can also be easily incorporated into your baking. You can also spoon cold-pressed walnut oil over salads and cooked dishes for an omega-3 boost that few other plant foods can provide.

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