Cooking Tools For Everyday Use Recipe

Aakansha Agarwal

When we think of a cooking kit, we think of fresh veggies, aromatic herbs, oils, spices, sauces and so on. But we often overlook the humble cooking tools – the silent heroes in our kitchens, working quietly behind the scenes to help us whip up all the culinary magic.

Here are some gadgets, which will prove so indispensable, that you won’t imagine cooking without them… And as they say, a well-equipped kitchen is the first step to great cooking!

Micro-plane Grater

This hand-held tool is the perfect way to lend a gourmet dimension to your favourite foods. From hard cheeses to nuts and spices or even citrus zest, the micro-plane grater yields fine-grated ingredients to add to your dishes. Try using this instead of chopping ingredients like garlic, the next time a recipe calls for it.

Sharp Shears

Anything but your average scissors, a sharp pair of kitchen shears is essential for your culinary cupboard. Not only is it a good idea to designate a pair of scissors for kitchen use only, modern shears also come with other handy features attached, such as bottle/box openers, a nut/lobster/crab cracker and even a screwdriver. Kitchen shears are also perfect for clipping fresh herbs like coriander and parsley (straight from the pot) or even trimming instead of chopping.



What can’t one do with tongs? From turning to tossing, grabbing to serving, they keep you nimble as you cook, and act as heat proof extension of your own fingers. Soft-tipped or silicone tongs provide a  good grip without damaging or crimping the food.


Lemon Zester

Fancy some sharp lemon zest with no mess and no fuss? This calls for a lemon zester, a nifty little tool which can add a citrusy texture to your slow cooking by yielding the zest of citrus fruits like lemons, sweet limes and oranges. A little tip off the records… it can very finely, grate cheese too!


Meat Fork Thermometer

This tool removes the guesswork from determining whether your meat is sufficiently cooked to bring out from the oven. We use ours when grilling outdoors, roasting in the oven, or sautéing meat on the stove top.



This spoon-shaped spatula is a handy tool for making your kitchen utensils multi-task, by taking on both of the tasks you’d require of your mixing spoon and a spatula.


Garlic Press

If you are a garlic lover, here is a tool to take the stress out of chopping garlic. A garlic press crushes the garlic oh-so-uniformly and releases the juices much more than regular chopping would. There is no need for clumsy cutting with a knife when you have this delightful little tool.


Measuring Jugs & Scales

Every good cook knows the hazards of too much or too little. Whether it’s a teaspoon or tablespoon, don’t just toss in your ingredients, instead using the right amount required by your recipe.