December Detox Recipe

Ayushi Gupta

With Shaadi Season in full swing, it’s been more than a little indulgent of late and I don’t doubt that it’s only set to get more so with all the soirées that are the hallmark of the month of December!

But rather than feebly attempting a detox in the New Year, I’m trying instead to find a balance by eating light and healthy when at home. Here are the best of my tips and tricks, if you’re looking to hit that reset button too…

Juice Life

There’s nothing like starting the day on a lush note and this vibrant Green Goddess smoothie is a particularly perfect fix for your morning elevenses.

Green Smoothies

If you’re feeling particularly brave, you could go one step further with a Juice Cleanse to help purge your body of all the toxins and bring out an inner glow. I’m partial to the packages offered by Raw Pressery, as all their juices are cold-pressed to help retain the vital nutrients. They’ve also launched some fantastic new flavours brimming with all sorts of superfood ingredients, from activated charcoal to matcha and even turmeric!

Eat Light

Eating light doesn’t have to be all that dreary either.

Try this coconut-bircher muesli or saffron-quinoa porridge for an exotic twist on the humble oat grain at breakfast. While this sprouted moong flour pesarattu packs in a mighty protein-fuelled punch for a post-workout option!

paratha onion FH_

Of course, it doesn’t get any healthier than a clean and lean salad around lunch time. I’m obsessed with this zingingly-fresh kale salad dressed in a citrusy nut-based cream…

While this subtly-spiced grilled corn salad makes a hearty snack around chai-time too. 


As for dinner, a deliciously wholesome soup is never amiss with a side of steamed veggies. My favourites include a refreshingly chilled pea & mint soup or this more substantive Italian lentil soup.

Herbal tea

I try and go to bed early on those fortuitous evenings in, with a soothing herbal tea for a night cap paired with a couple of prunes or dates (to feed my sweet cravings!). And as winter sets in, nothing quite hits the spot like an aromatic cup of  Kashmiri Kahwa (by Arqa) – a traditional green tea preparation enlivened with an exotic blend of dried fruits and spices!