Your Diwali Puja Essentials Recipe

Team Foodhall

Diwali Puja is incomplete without melt-in-your-mouth mithai and your favourite fine foods!

Set a delicious start to this year’s festivities with our boxes of luxury mithai from Bustaan, specially crafted for your celebrations by halwais from all corners of India. Customise your’s with barfis flavoured with pure pista, sandesh speckled with raspberry or roasted hazelnut, truffles luxuriating with coconut paan or besan nougat and more.

Greet your friends with our indulgent chocolate boxes featuring a selection of truffles, pralines and chocolate barks, in flavours such as Pink Salt Caramel, assorted Nuts & Flowers and even a gummy-studded one for the kids! Spoil your loved ones with a selection of their favourite dried fruits and nuts in our elegant gift boxes.

And there’s no better way to thank your hosts this festive season than with our elegant date towers. Made with the most succulent Iranian and Saudi Arabian dates, these make beautiful centrepieces for your festive table too.

You could also surprise your family with our stunning range of fruit hampers curated with the freshest local and international fruits, or delight them with honey in its purest form – our signature honeycomb from Bustaan.  

Explore our festive collection at a Foodhall store near you, or get them delivered to your doorstep by calling + 91 80950-31111

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