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Earl Grey Chocolate Chia Bowl Recipe

Give your everyday breakfast an updo with earl grey coconut chia bowl. You can also walk into the nearest Foodhall store and grab one on-the-go
Cook Time: 15 minutes + chill time

Difficulty: Easy
Serves: 2 people


150 ml milk
6 g Chia seeds
1-2 tbsp Honey
10 g Earl grey tea
80 g Rich cream, whipped
50 g Dark chocolate


All ingredients are available at Foodhall stores.


  1. Boil milk & earl grey together. Let it rest for some time so that the flavours infuse well.
  2. Strain the tea and add chia seeds, honey & boil again.
  3. When the mixture is cold, fold in the whipped cream and mix well. Refrigerate.
  4. Add fine chocolate flakes on top as garnish and serve chill.