How To Eat Sushi: Beginner’s Guide Recipe

Team Foodhall

How to master the art of eating sushi + brand new sushi menu at Party Chef by Foodhall.

Sushi is quickly gaining popularity in India. But even with sushi’s wide availability, many people are baffled by it. It’s easy to feel lost, not knowing what all the different types are — whether it has raw fish or not, and how to even begin to eat it. Here’s a little guide we have created for beginner sushi eaters.

Sushi Basics
Rice is the basis for much of sushi — a special short-grain variety of rice is seasoned with a mix of rice, vinegar, salt, and sugar. The rice mixture, called shari, is a little sticky so it can be formed into the shape needed. In nigiri (a type of sushi) it is topped with fish while for maki (a type of sushi) it is rolled with the fish inside. You can even find sushi made with brown rice. Special variety of rice used in sushi making is available at the store so look for sticky rice if you want to try your hand at making fresh sushi at home.

How To Eat Sushi
Most people assume that sushi must be eaten with chopsticks but is actually recommended to eat certain sushi dishes, like maki rolls and nigiri with your fingers. This comes as saving grace for those who just can’t use chopsticks. You shouldn’t use wasabi on all sushi — typically nigiri as it is already seasoned with it. But if you prefer your sushi with a bit more heat, dab a bit of wasabi onto the sushi — never mix wasabi into soy sauce. It’s considered rude. Use pickled ginger as a palate cleanser between bites, not as an additional topping. The ginger can also be used as a tool to brush your sushi with soy sauce using your chopsticks.

Sushi Beginner
If it’s your first time eating sushi, go with a few friends who understand it better than you, or sit at the bar and get recommendations from the sushi chef. They’re always willing to help you understand the territory.

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