Finding a Balance In Everyday Meals Recipe

Ayushi Gupta

Eat a cookie and enjoy it then, drink something green; It’s all about balance.

I have to admit – my life is essentially one big culinary adventure. From cookies stuffed with MnMs to mini-macaron burgers, my food blog has led me in pursuit of the latest and greatest eats and treats around town and across the world.

It’s more than a little indulgent… Which is why, I’m really conscientious about tipping the scales and balancing things out on a healthier note when I’m home. After all, I don’t really have the metabolism of Gisele Bundchen!

Since we’re all in the same foodie boat and part of a culture that thrives on eating out, I thought I’d share a few of the the tips and tricks that I personally rely on to keep fit along the way!

My day is never complete without a bowl of porridge. A major source of slow-releasing energy, the humble oat grain is also bursting with essential vitamins, minerals and fibres, in addition to lowering high blood pressure and bad cholesterol. As it effortlessly absorbs a variety of flavours from sweet too spicy, it can also be incredibly tasty!

I usually soak the oats overnight with chia seeds and milk (almond milk works really well too) and then slow-cook it the next morning until it simmers, topping it off with diced bananas, goji berries, a dash of cinnamon and a sprinkling of coconut shavings. It makes for quite a substantial breakfast ideas or often replaces my lunch when I have a heavy meal planned for later in the day. I also love Mira Manek’s recipe for a saffron porridge.

Guilt-free snacking
So, I have to confess that I’m prone to a serious case of the elevenses – hunger pangs that strike by mid-morning…  And then invariably return around tea-time, as I always need a little something to go with my afternoon chai! As tempting as it is to scoff down store-bought biscuits and other such snacks, I now find myself automatically reaching for a deliciously healthier alternative. Here are some of my favourite go-to’s.

  • Whole-grain rice cakes smeared with a nut butter, such as hazelnut.
  • Energy balls packed with superfoods and natural sweetened with ingredients such as dates.
  • Homemade granola.
  • Homemade dips with whole-grain crackers.

I also make sure to get in my five-a-day, often enjoying my daily dose of fruits and veg in a smoothie form – it’s especially filling when had by mid-morning.

Low carb dinner
On the days that I’m having dinner at home, I try and keep things light and relatively low in carbs. Moong daal chilla stuffed with cottage cheese always hit the spot for me, especially as I get my post-workout protein fix for the day. I also have a lot of fun with my spiralizer, which churns out oodles of zoodles (zucchini noodles) that I dress with a homemade tomato or pesto sauce!