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Tibetan Black Apples 


Apples that gleam like black diamonds? Sign us up! Unless you’ve been to Nyingchi, Tibet, you’ve probably never seen these juicy black fruits. They are sweeter and crisper than regular apples and have a thick, wax-like skin. 


Coloured Carrots 


Orange, red, purple, white and yellow – coloured carrots together form a rainbow of their own. Each colour signals a unique benefit. Orange carrots are rich in vitamin A and improve eyesight. Yellow carrots protect against cancers and boost eyesight. The red variety helps fight heart disease, the purple ones are rich in antioxidants and white carrots contain phytochemicals that boost immunity. 


Buddha’s Hand Citron 


This lemon with finger-like extensions gets its name from its similarity to Buddha’s hand in ancient sculpture. Unlike other citrus, it is free of juice and pulp and is entirely edible. Its pith has no bitterness and its fragrance lingers wherever it goes. Add it to coolers, shave it over fish or use its perfumed zest to make aromatic sugar.



Love Apple 

A gradient of pink to shining crimson, love apples are a unique fruit known as amrool in Hindi. A blend of sweet and mildly sour notes, they taste best when soaked in salted water for 30 minutes. Pickle them with spices or stew them in sugar syrup for desserts.


Red Kiwi

A kiwi with a distinctive sweet berry-like flavour, the crimson flesh is due to Anthocyanin, a unique and naturally occurring pigment within the fruit. Red kiwis will add fresh vibrancy to salads and desserts.


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