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Team Foodhall

Add these unique ingredients from the Far East to your pantry today! 

Korean Chilli Threads – Sil Gochu –  
These fine-as-hair red chilli strands called sil gochu are made from the Yidu chilli and are a favourite garnish in Korea. They’ll add a pop of colour and smoky heat to meat or fish dishes, salads and noodle soups.  

Korean Spice Mix
A spicy mix of chillies, cayenne, garlic, onion, ginger, vegetable stock powder and sea salt, you can use it to make the famous fiery kimchi, Korean fried chicken and in sauces and dressings.

The House of Tea by Foodhall
Yuzu Cha
Citron Tea, known as yuja cha in Korea and yuzu cha in Japanese showcases the flavours of the yuzu citrus, which is somewhere between a lemon and mandarin. It contains beneficial compounds that are known to help reduce inflammation and promote better health.

Geisha Blossom Tea 
Inspired by the arrival of spring and the first Korean cherry blossoms, this blend of Japanese black tea , cherry blossom petals and wild cherries brews into a fragrant cup.

The Snack Library 
Tom Yum Sorghum Puff 
Nutritious puffed sorghum bites, spiced with chilli-ginger flavours of Tom Yum.

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