The Green Smoothie Craze Recipe

Team Foodhall

Green smoothies are all the rage this year. A few years ago, no one had heard of this green concoction, but now its benefits have come to light, making it one of the most preferred morning beverage; even over coffee!

First off, let’s understand what a green smoothie is: regular fruit smoothie with fresh leafy greens chucked in. If you don’t like vegetables, it’ll be an enjoyable way to drastically increase your whole fruits and vegetable intake.

However, there are a few rules to follow when you’re making your own smoothie at home. Keep them in mind and juice yourself to health.

No Packaged Juice

Add the liquid components of your smoothie first to your blender, but skip packaged fruit juice as they typically contain added sugars. Instead, try coconut water, coconut milk, almond milk or even herbal tea to make a smoothie that’s actually good for you.

Add The Greens

Freeh leafy greens such as kale and spinach are the best ingredients to add. These go in after the liquid. But remember to chop them up and fine as you can and don’t throw them in all at once. This way everything blends smoothly and you don’t end up with little bits of kale or spinach. Also, add the same amount of greens as you do liquids. So if two cups of coconut water go in, add two cups of kale in.

Whole Fruits

The benefit of adding whole fruits and berries is that you get all the natural sugars to sweeten your green smoothie. It balances out the possible bitterness you can get from the leafy greens. Think berries, mangoes, pears, apples, bananas, pineapples and so on.

Keep It Cool

Drinking a nice cold glass of smoothie is definitely refreshing. Blend a chilled smoothie by adding a few cubes of ice or some frozen fruits. It makes the smoothie icy and so much more enjoyable.

Nutritional Boost

There are so many other ingredients that you can add to boost your green smoothie. A spoonful of spirulina, hemp seeds, Chia seeds, nuts, or seeds add a good kick to an already healthful smoothie.

Now that you’re armed with all the information you need, blend your own smoothie or try our recipes…

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