Grilled Jumbo prawns with Sicilian caponata Recipe

Chef Luigi Ferraro from Shangri-La’s - Eros Hotel, New Delhi creates a melody of flavours that takes you to Italy with every spoonful
Cook Time: 30 minutes

Difficulty: Easy
Serves: 3-4 people


500 g jumbo prawns with shell             
200 g eggplant, diced 
200 g orange                                                        
80 g pine nuts                                          
20 g basil leaves                                    
80 g cherry tomato                                            
40 g raisin                                               
10 g Dijon mustard                     
5 g Arqa salt and pepper                                                                     
10 ml red wine vinegar reduction                  
40 ml olive oil  
 20 ml extra virgin olive oil    
40 g mint                                  
20 g sugar             
Micro cress for garnish                                    
Vegetable oil for frying


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  1. Marinate the prawns with salt, pepper, and mustard. Once marinated, char grill the prawns until cooked. Meanwhile, fry the diced eggplant in a deep fryer until cooked.
  2. Heat olive oil in a hot pan and sauté pine nuts, raisin, cherry tomato, fried eggplant, red wine reduction, mint, salt & pepper. Check the seasoning.
  3. Blend orange segments with pine nuts, sugar and basil, until the sauce becomes smooth. Place a spoon of eggplant caponata on the plate and place the grilled prawns on the top, add orange sauce on the top of the prawns and sprinkle extra virgin olive oil.
  4. Garnish with micro cress.