Indulgent Snacks To Make This Week Recipe

Team Foodhall

Snacks come in all shapes and sizes but nothing comes close to the golden crunch of perfectly-fried finger food. Come rain or sunshine, the satisfying sizzle you hear when you drop your onion pakora batter into hot oil, instantly awakens your senses!

We’ve collaborated with Bengaluru-based Kankana Saxena from Playful Cooking to create some scrumptious fried snacks that are perfect for your weekend chai-nashta time. They also sit pretty at an elegant party, if presented beautifully on a platter with dips.

Spinach Cheese Balls

Spinach Cheese Balls.02

Just one bite of cheese balls can bring back a flood of nostalgic memories. Kankana has taken this childhood classic up a few notches by adding spinach and fresh cheese. Make them beforehand and store them in freezer bags, to quickly fry up a batch when guests drop in unannounced.

Tapioca Fenugreek Poppers

Tapioca Pearl and Fenugreek Poppers.lowres

 Sabudana vade is a classic Maharashtrian snack, but Kankana has added a touch of pleasantly bitter fenugreek and coconut flakes to add some heartiness to the dish. The recipe might seem simple but it’s got plenty of flavour to blow your socks off. 

Beetroot Quinoa Fritters

Beetroot Herb Quinoa Fritters.lowres

 We may be indulging this week but we aren’t straying away from superfoods like quinoa. When cooked correctly, quinoa gets a crunchiness that makes it ideal as a base for cutlets and patties. In this recipe, Kankana adds beautiful beetroots and herbs to get picture-perfect fritters.