Italian Festival Recipe

Team Foodhall

From the polenta-loving population in the north to sun-drench olive oil regions of the south, witness the tantalising taste of this boot-shaped country at the month-long Italian Festival at Foodhall.

Italy is made up of twenty regions with distinct characteristics. Every town, every village, makes the same dish in vastly different way. These cooking traditions define people’s identities just as much as their dialects and their traditional costumes.

Italy might be small country but it boasts diverse cuisines, every few miles. The Italian food we recognise hails from Central Italy, leaving the other regions unexplored. At Foodhall, we bring key ingredients, flavours, and cuisines of lesser known regions of Italy in the limelight, thereby letting you experience flavours like you’ve never before.
It may come as a surprise to you but Italians in the north love their rice. Arborio, carnaroli are some regional varieties made recognizable by the popular risotto.

Italians are proud of their tradition and nothing is more traditional than pasta. Every home in Italy make fresh pasta daily and at Foodhall, we do the same. To make your own pasta at home, choose OO strength flour or other speciality varieties. Apart from that, we have the widest assortment of pastas possible – orzo, orecchiette, lasagne, cannelloni, angel hair, gnocchi and so on. Squid ink pasta, truffle pasta and porcini mushroom pasta are rare to find but we have them neatly stacked at all our stores.

To go with all that beautiful pasta, we have a delicious range of sauces that helps you make authentic, easy meals at home. Choose from Roman style arabiatta, wild mushroom & cheese sauce from Piedemont, and classic chicken Bolognese from Bologna. If freshness is what you seek, our special collection of homemade pesto is versatile enough to serve as a salad dressing and coat those beautifully cooked strands of spaghetti.

If you like to make your own pasta sauce, tomatoes will help you a great deal. Foodhall has the widest varieties of tomatoes in the country. Fresh or sundried – use them in sauces, salads and pesto. Grill them, sauce them, roast them – experiment away!

Mushrooms lend a beautiful, earthy undertone to any dish and Italians love adding porcini, Portobello, chanterelles and so on. You will find fresh and dried varieties at all our stores. Italian lemons are the most fragrant ones. Use the rind to add wonderful aroma of its essential oil or the juice to make lemon curd! Melons, peaches, mixed berries and figs are very popular in Italian cuisine so pick them up and make some beautiful desserts.

Italians love bread more than anyone in the world. All this month, you will find classic Italian breads piled up at our bakery – ciabatta, foccacia, baguette, crostini, Panini, and hand-stretched grissini. For the healthy you, we have introduced gluten-free pizza base to make those delicious pizzas at home.

The truffle rage has taken over the country so we have sourced the best truffle products for you to make your home-cooked meals a tad more decadent. Find truffle oil, truffle salt, truffle honey and even truffle mustard. Use sparingly to finish your dish and add an earthy punch of flavours.

We all know that you need a well stocked kitchen to whip up delicious everyday meals so our store is brimming with gadgets to help you master those Italian recipes. Find herb scissors, pasta & ravioli makers, pizza stones & paddles, salad spinners and so much more. You can even find an elegant range of cheese boards & platters to make your soiree platter the talk of the town.

If that isn’t enough, we have beautiful pasta bowls being served at lunch & dinner. Come by with friend for a meal and end it on a sweet note with delicious fare from our patisserie.
So, what are you waiting for? Head to a Foodhall in your city and make acquaint yourself with the wonderful regional delights of Italy this month.