It’s The Year of the Blueberry Recipe

Team Foodhall

Our superfood of the month features antioxidant-rich blueberries!

Known for regulating cholesterol, these low-calorie berries are craveably-sweet yet tinged with an acidic hint, making blueberries a perfect addition to jams, tarts, cakes, muffins, soothies and more! Here are some offbeat ways of getting creative with blueberries in your kitchen. 

10-minute Blueberry Jam
Make a low-sugar jam with roughly crushed blueberries, thickened with chia seeds that turn jelly-like on contact with moisture. The best part? There’s no stove time involved!

Frozen Yoghurt Bites
Dip blueberries in flavoured yoghurt and freeze for a fibre-filled treat!

Granola Bars
Combine dried blueberries with your favourite granola, almond butter and honey and cut into bars for a daily hunger-buster.

Barbecue Sauce 
The tang of blueberries is perfect to make an unusual sweet-and-sour barbecue sauce to use over grilled meats and in mushroom burgers.

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