Kanji – The Indian Kombucha  Recipe

Team Foodhall

It’s that time of year when we gleefully reach for indigenous beverages like the winter carrot drink Kanji. Dubbed the Indian kombucha, it’s made from fermented black carrots and is full of flora that enhances our immune function. 

How to make it? 
Wash, peel and slice the carrots. Fill a glass or ceramic jar with water, add ground mustard and black salt. Spoon the carrots into the water and set the jar out under the winter sun for 4-5 days to ferment. Strain out carrots and enjoy the wine-coloured beverage that’s left behind. 

Why kanji?
Bloating, joint pains, colds, flus and many other winter ailments are kept at bay by this miracle drink. It boosts your immunity and adds good bacteria to your system. 

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