Korea on your Plate  Recipe

Team Foodhall

Pile your bread basket high with these Korean pastry stars that are the stuff of dreams.  

Kimchi Croissant – Our classic croissant, stuffed with the tang and crunch of kimchi.

Gyeran Ppang (Egg Bread) – A Korean street-food favourite, this fluffy, savoury muffin has a whole egg baked into it.

Dan Pat Bbang (Red Bean Buns) – An old-fashioned classic across East Asia – these soft buns are filled with sweetened adzuki beans. 

Soboro Ppang (Streusel Bread) – Soft and fluffy buns stuffed with peanut butter and covered with a sweet and crunchy crumble. 

Sausage Ppang – Chicken sausages wrapped in milky bread.

Onion & Cheese Bun – A generous helping of onions, peppers and cheese folded into a bun.

Enjoy this sweet and savoury, Korean-inspired selection of pastry from our Bakery all this month.

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