Monsoon Comfort Recipe

Prachi Joshi

The monsoon pitter patter is an invite to a long list of food cravings.

It’s that time of the year – when the heavens open up and shower upon us, cooling down the earth scorched by the Indian summer. The monsoons are probably everyone’s favourite season, if you ignore the inevitable flooded streets that accompany them! The best way to enjoy the rains is to stay indoors and cook up some soul food. Here are some ideas for piping hot dishes that will satisfy your comfort food cravings. Enjoy them to a background score of pattering raindrops.

Indian Fusion

A hot vada pav or samosa will always be one of the favourite monsoon comfort foods all over India. Instead of plain old vada pav, make it a bit more interesting by grating cheese into it. Give it the fusion touch by making a falafel vada pav – instead of stuffing a batata vada inside the bread, stuff a couple of falafel balls. London’s Detox Kitchen makes a delicious beetroot falafel recipe. Make samosas with some fusion fillings such as spinach & feta, which you can serve with sun dried tomato pesto. Get creative and play around with flavours till you find a fantastic fusion combination!

French Fried

The humble French fry is not just an accompaniment to your Happy Meal. It’s one of the best comfort foods for the rainy season. Instead of just eating plain French fries dunked in ketchup, try something different. Top the fries with refried beans, salsa, guacamole and cheese sauce to make it Mexican. For the Italian touch, load the fries with arrabbiata (a spicy sauce with tomatoes, garlic and red chilli), olives, and basil, and grate some Parmesan on top. Or go Mediterranean and serve the fries with hummus, yoghurt sauce, harissa and some crumbled feta.

Soup Kitchen

A big bowl of soup is the perfect way to enjoy a rainy day. It’s easy to put together and you can add almost anything you have on hand – from leftover bread to pasta, from lentils to chicken. The classic tomato basil soup is a delicious way to start a meal. Or amp up your usual dal and make a Mediterranean-style lentil soup. For Thai food lovers, look no further than the Tom Kha Soup with a velvety coconut base and the balanced sweet, sour and spicy flavours of Thai spices. If you enjoy seafood, make a hearty bisque and enjoy the treasures of the sea in the comfort of your home.

Soups are always welcome on a gloomy & rainy day. This Mushroom Cappuccino will hit the spot. Make it as a weeknight dinner for two or as an appetiser for a house party of 20.

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