Oyakodon - Japanese Chicken & Egg Rice Bowl

Oyakodon – Japanese Chicken & Egg Rice Bowl Recipe

A comforting bowl of chicken, egg and rice with subtle flavours of ingredients from Japan
Cook Time: 30 minutes

Difficulty: Medium
Serves: 2


Chicken Thighs, boneless  & skinless; 2 pc

Onion, peeled;  ½

Eggs, large;  2

Dashi;  2/3 cup 

Mirin;  1 ½ tbsp

Sake;  1 ½ tbsp

Soy Sauce;  1 ½ tbsp

Sugar, granulated;  1 ½ tsp

To serve:

Japanese short grain rice, cooked; 3 cups 

Spring Onion/Scallion, chopped;  small bunch 

Shichimi Togarashi; to taste


1. Combine dashi, mirin, sake, soya sauce in a bowl, add sugar and mix until dissolved.

2. Thinly slice the onion and finely chop scallions.

3. Beat the eggs in a small bowl. Slice the chicken thigh diagonally and cut into 1.5″ (4 cm) pieces.

4. In a pan, sauté onions until soft and then add the chicken and toss on low heat. 

5. Pour roughly ½ of the seasoning sauce to cover the onion and chicken.

6. Turn up the heat to medium & bring to boil. Simmer till chicken is not pink anymore and cooked.

7. Slowly and evenly drizzle the beaten egg over the chicken and onion.

8. Cook it covered, on medium heat until the egg is cooked till desired doneness.

9. Add the scallions right before removing from the heat.

10. Pour the chicken and egg on top of steamed rice, drizzle remaining sauce  and a generous amount of Togarashi. Serve!