Paan & Pista Panna Cotta Recipe

Team Foodhall

Twist on Holi Mithai – Rose & Pistachio Flavoured Panda Cotta

Preparation Time – 15mins
Cooking Time – 20mins
Serves 2


Milk – 90gm
Heavy Cream – 90gm
Breakfast Sugar – 25gm
Gelatine – 3gm
Water – 10gm
Paan leaves (Beetle leaves) – 5gm
Pistachio, slivered – 5gm (Garnish)

Preserved Rose Petal Compote

Gulkand (Rose Petal preserve) – 300gm
Sugar – 40gm
Pectin – 10gm
Agar agar – 2gm
Cornflour – 15gm


  1. Boil the milk and cream together and add sugar to it and mix well until sugar is dissolved. 
  2. Blanch the beetle leaves in water for few seconds, refresh in cold water and then make puree, strain the reserve the smooth paste. 
  3. Add the beetle paste to the milk and cream mixture and mix well. Taste for sweetness and adjust accordingly.
  4. Bloom the gelatine in water and then add to the milk mixture when luke warm. 
  5. Pour the Pannacotta mix into desired glass and refrigerate until set.  
  6. Separately puree the Gulkand and cook with little sugar. Add pectin, agar agar and cornflour to the above mixture, to incorporate all. 
  7. Pour this Gulkand compote on top of the Pannacotta and garnish with Pistachio and serve chilled. 

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