Pitter Platter Recipe

Sonal Ved

Monsoons are here and nothing makes us crave oily food like the rains. While all these years we’ve feasted on conventional bhajiyas and pakoras, this year give these new-age ones a shot. We’ve put together a few gourmet-style pakoras to add a rich lift to your supper table…

Scrumptiously Foolproof Batter

One of the main things to get right before you set out to make your pakoras is the batter, the liquid that coats your ingredients so that it doesn’t tear or open up while frying. Here is a simple recipe that you can follow to get a foolproof batter. Click here for the recipe.

Cheese & Olive Pakoras

Using this batter, one of the first pakoras we suggest is the quintessential bread pakora – it always hits the spot with a glass of cutting chai!  To give it some spunk, we’ve added a few slices of gouda cheese and olive tapenade too. A spot on dish for high-tea, we say. Click here for the recipe.

Sundried Tomatoes & Paneer Pakoras
paneer pakora

Paneer pakoras are always a treat too. Soft cottage cheese works very well when fried, as it doesn’t change texture, instead softening up to give you the perfect bite. We’ve added some sun-dried tomatoes and mint and coriander chutney to add a kick to these deliciously fried parcels. Click here for the recipe.