Playful Cooking’s Party Food Recipe

Team Foodhall

Kankana Saxena is one of our favourite contributors. This mom blogger from Bengaluru has a knack for preparing hearty meals that have a relaxed feel coupled with beautiful imagery.

Every picture she takes has a story to tell so we went forth and created this definitive list of dependable snacks to make at home for your next party. From fritters to poppers – there’s just about everything.

Vegetable Tempura

Crispy & delicious, Kankana hits a home run with her take on Japanese vegetable tempura. All you need is a cold pint to wash it down.



Baked Tonkatsu Chicken

There’s chicken and then there are tonkatsu chicken wings. These perfectly glossy chicken wings are perfect for a casual night in with a few friends. Don’t be afraid to get your hands messy, though!


Baked Brie

Add a touch of theatricality with this beautiful baked brie cooked & served on our Arqa Himalayan Pink Salt Block. It does get a bit tricky to use the block, so read our guide before you venture forth.

Baked Brie


Tapioca & Fenugreek Poppers

Kankana has created a little magic by using the humble tapioca pearl, adding fenugreek and of course, a whole lotta love.

Tapioca Pearl and Fenugreek Poppers.lowres


Beetroot Herb Quinoa Fritters

These vibrant cutlets are packed with the goodness of quinoa and sweet earthiness of beetroots.



Sriracha Popcorn

We love Sriracha with just about everything, so here’s a handy way of sneaking it into your next tub of popcorn for a movie night in.



Spinach Cheeseballs

Let go of those classic cheeseballs for an exciting twist.



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