It’s Raining Berries at Foodhall! Recipe

Team Foodhall

Strawberries, blueberries, and blackberries are the beautiful, jewel-toned fruit we reach for when we want to add a splash of colour to a salad or a touch of acidity to a rich, sweet dessert. But the new variants on our shelves will make you fall in love with berries all over again.

Pinkberries –

A new species of blueberry has made its debut. Exactly the same shape and size as a blueberry, the pinkberry is bright fuchsia and tastes much sweeter than its slightly sour cousin. Pinkberries are ideal for sprinkling over your pancakes, baking into cakes and muddling into cocktails.

Pineberries –

The word ‘pineberry’ is a fusion of the words ‘pineapple’ and ‘strawberry’. These wonders are like inside-out strawberries – pale white and dotted with red seeds. Pineberries are very aromatic with the tropical flavour of a pineapple and the texture of a strawberry. 

Strassberries –

Strassberries are a variety of strawberries that resembles a raspberry because of their deep-lying seeds. They are a deep ruby-red and are much sweeter than regular strawberries.

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