Say Yes To Fusion Desserts This Festive Season Recipe

Team Foodhall

It’s that wonderfully festive time of the year again, meant for guiltlessly indulging in sweets and treats galore!

We at Foodhall have curated a rather decadent array of Fusion desserts to satiate our aching sweet tooth, while adding a touch of elegance to the otherwise traditional recipes. For this flawless fusion food recipe, we’ve reached out to London-based chef and food-writer, Hari Ghotra, to create mouth-watering desserts perfect for any and all occasions…

Pistachio Praline Parfait

pistachio praline

At first glance, it might not look like the easiest dessert to prepare but with Hari Ghotra’s instant tips and tricks, this recipe can be whipped up in just ten minutes!

Strawberry Sandesh


A revolutionising version of a traditional Bengali dessert made with curd. You can also make this recipe with orange or banana.

Chocolate Barfi

Chocolate Barfi

Everything is perfect with the addition of chocolate! Hari Ghotra takes this tip quite seriously to create a delectable hybrid – Indian fudge with a warming chocolatey flavour, perfect as a bite-sized treat or for sharing!

Chilli Chocolate Truffles

Chilli Chocolate Truffle

 This chilli chocolate truffles recipe are delicate little chocolate bombs that are delicious, truly decadent and oh-so- easy to prepare.

Pumpkin Halwa

Pumkin Halwa

Colourful and bright just like Indian festivals, this recipe is even more enjoyable when served with a scoop of whipped cream or vanilla ice cream.