Seasonal Sweet Treats Recipe

Team Foodhall

While the joy of Christmas is universal, traditions and celebrations vary across cultures. This month, indulge in unique Christmas treats from around the world at your nearest Foodhall store. 



The full name of this German fruit bread is ‘Weihnachtsstollen,’ translating to “Christmas Stollen’. Made with nuts, spices, candied fruit and a rich filling of almond paste (or marzipan), this delicious yeasted cake epitomizes decadence in the season of good cheer.



Fluffy, airy and slightly sweet, this bread hails from Milan, where it was traditionally known as ‘pane di tono’ or ‘luxury bread’. Loaded with candied fruit, it’s best paired with coffee, tea or even wine! Add a dollop of mascarpone cheese to elevate the taste even further!


 Mince pies 

A British Christmas without mince pies is simply unimaginable. Flaky, buttery pie crusts filled with a potent mix of dried fruit, sugar and ‘mincemeat’ spice, have been a quintessential festive tradition in Britan since the 16th century! 



Manifesting in a variety of shapes and sizes from edible gingerbread houses to frosted gingerbread men – gingerbread has been an integral hallmark of European Christmas celebrations since the Middle Ages. Known as ‘fairings, cookies shaped like animals, Kings and Queens were once a staple at ‘Gingerbread’ fairs in Medieval Europe at Christmastime!



Discover all of these yuletide treats and more at our Bakery all this month.

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