Heart & Seoul Recipe

Team Foodhall

This month, we’re celebrating the unsung hero of Asian cuisines – Korean food. 

With its bold, robust flavours and emphasis on community dining– Korean dishes are a frontrunner for appealing to and appeasing the Indian palate. Yet, except for the odd bulgogi or kimchi fried rice, Korean cuisine remains a hidden gem.

It’s beauty lies in its artful simplicity, manifesting in fermented flavour-bombs which are hearty, low in fat and great-for-your-gut! Soups or guk are also beloved, along with thicker stews called jjigae. 

Just the mention of Korean cuisine outside of Korea is enough to conjure up images of a barbecue, involving paper-thin slices of meat or tofu grilled at the table. However, there’s so much more for the adventurous to experiment with when it comes to Korean dishes, from noodle dishes like japchae and spicy stews like kimchi jjigae to rice and vegetable dishes like bibimbap, gimbap, a Korean version of a maki roll with cooked fish. Other favourites include pajeon, seafood & scallion pancakes! 

Dessert doesn’t feature prominently though, with Koreans typically finishing their meals with fresh fruit and the occasional sweetened rice and bean cake.

Join as we explore and indulge in this revelatory cuisine.

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