Slow Roasted Leg of Lamb Recipe

A good cut of lamb needs an equally good recipe to make the most out of it. Kimberly Parsons', Slow Roasted Leg of Lamb with pears and onions is an absolute delight.
Cook Time: 45 minutes + 3 hours roast time

Difficulty: Medium
Serves: 6-8 people


1 kg leg of lamb
Sea salt & freshly cracked black pepper
2 tbsp olive oil
400 ml rosé wine
125 ml pear liqueur or any other liqueur
3 pears, halved
2 bulbs of garlic, cloves removed
2 sprigs rosemary
4 sprigs thyme
4 fresh bay leaves


  1. Preheat oven to 150°C. Score lamb and season to taste with sea salt and freshly cracked black pepper. In a flameproof roasting tray, heat olive oil over a high heat and add lamb. Cook for 3 minutes on each side or until browned all over. Remove from the heat.
  2. Remove lamb from the tray temporarily while adding remaining ingredients. Pour rosé wine and pear liqueur into the bottom of the tray, then place the pear halves cut side up into the base of the tray, with garlic cloves and herbs. Lay leg of lamb back inside roasting tray, cover with aluminium foil and roast in the hot oven for 3 hours.
  3. Remove soft pears and garlic from roasting tray, set aside and keep warm. Remove aluminium foil and continue roasting lamb, basting occasionally, for another hour. Remove lamb from tray and cover with aluminium foil to keep warm.

To make the sauce and serve

  1. Place roasting tray over high heat and bring juices to a gentle simmer. Reduce juices by half, then taste and season if needed.
  2. Transfer lamb to a platter. Scatter pears and garlic around base and spoon over pan juices.
  3. Serve immediately.