Smoky 3 Cheese Fondue with Holiday Nibbles Recipe

Team Foodhall

Preparation Time- 10mins

Cooking/ Baking Time- 20mins

Serving- 6-8 




360gm smoked Gouda Cheese cubed

240gm Gruyere Cheese cubed

120gm Emmenthal cheese cubed

2 tablespoon Corn starch

1/2 teaspoon Cayenne pepper

1 clove garlic minced

1 ½ Cups dry White Wine

1 tablespoon Brandy

1 tablespoon Truffle oil (optional)

Freshly grated Nutmeg



Roasted Turkey cubes

Braised Brussel sprouts

Granny Smith Apples diced

Toasted Sour Dough Bread Diced

Rosemary Baby Potatoes

Blanched Broccoli florets

Parma wrapped Grissini sticks




  1. Add the cubed cheese to a bowl and toss with the corn starch and cayenne. Rub inside of a fondue pot with garlic; discard garlic.


  1. Pour the wine and brandy into the fondue pot, and place over medium-low heat. When liquid starts to bubble, start adding the cheese slowly, stirring until melted and combined. 


  1. Season with nutmeg and pepper. Keep over low heat until ready to serve.


  1. Serve immediately with Roasted Turkey cubes, Braised Brussel sprouts, Granny Smith Apples diced, Toasted Sour Dough Bread Diced, Rosemary Baby Potatoes, Blanched Broccoli florets, Parma wrapped Grissini sticks.


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