Strawberries – but not as you know them Recipe

Team Foodhall

One part rose, one part berry and all parts delicious, try these offbeat ways to enjoy this winter fruit.


Cooked, grilled, crushed or eaten freshly picked, everyone’s favourite berry is incredibly versatile. But if you’ve had enough of them in shortcakes and milkshakes – there’s a world of unique uses for these ruby fruits.


The salsa of your dreams:

Mangoes, strawberries, jalapeno, lime and cilantro make a refreshing salsa to dip into with your favourite chips. 


Merry berry pizzas:

Melted Brie, sweet-tart berries and pizza dough? What’s not to like?


Truffles to die for:

Pair strawberries and dark cacao with basil and balsamic to add complex notes to chocolate truffles.


Buttery berries:

Ground into a butter, strawberries make a sublime spread for biscuits, pancakes or toasts. 


If you still can’t get enough of these delicious berries, try out our strawberry specials at a Foodhall near you. From strawberry swirl sandwiches to strawberries & cream on-the-go and strawberry balsamic praline, you can get your fill for the season from our range!

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‘Tis the season… for strawberries!