Strawberry Bingsu Recipe











Preparation Time – 5mins
Cooking Time – 5mins
Serves 2


1 cup YONSEI Soy Milk Almond & Walnut
2 tablespoon Condensed Milk


5-6 Fresh Strawberries 
3-4 Almonds slivered


  1. Mix the milk and sweetened condensed milk together and pour the milk mixture onto an ice tray. Freeze it (for at least 5 hrs) until it becomes ice blocks.
  2. Take out the ice blocks and put them into a food processor (or shaved ice machine). Grind the ice (for about 20 seconds) until it has a smooth texture like snow.
  3. Put together the Korean milk sorbet in a chilled serving bowl and top with fresh strawberries and some slivered almonds before serving. 

    This is essentially a Korean sundae. So, various toppings that can be added to the bingsu depending on one’s preferences – anything from fresh fruit to mochi pieces to candied ginger to chocolate. 

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