Take Five for Good Health Recipe

Team Foodhall

A 21-day Challenge for a healthier you.

As we celebrate 21 days of wellness, we have a challenge for you. With a little help from Foodhall, for the next 21 days make these 5 small changes to your diet that will have a big impact on your health.

  1. The best thing since sliced bread

Go beyond wheat and make Quinoa Bread, Multigrain Sliced Bread, Jowar & Quinoa Bread, Soybean & Brown Rice Bread from our bakery, your breakfast staples. Ancient grains have been around for centuries and balance blood sugar, and reduce inflammation far better than the modified wheat that has become the default grain of the modern world. 

  1. Got milk?

Concern for the planet is turning many people towards veganism. But the health benefits of a vegan diet are a reward in themselves. Simple switch from dairy to alternative milks such as almond, walnut, pistachio, coconut or soy, to add fewer calories and more fibre and protein to your diet.

 Snack smart

When you’re out of the house, event the best-laid plans to stay healthy can be waylaid. Instead of succumbing to the temptation of calorie-laden foods, stop by our café for healthy Paleo Breakfast Bowls, Warm Mushroom & Bean Salad Bowls and Zoodle Ramen Bowls. Our Vegan Curry Bowl and Avocado & Quinoa Harvest Bowl won’t disappoint either!


And if you’re entertaining during the festive season, you can still snack wisely by taking home our Dip & Crudités Platter, Keto and Healthy Party Platters that are brimming with healthy dips, vegetables and more.

  1. Add a dollop of Miso to your life 

Miso brings a prized umami flavour to any dish, but it also provides you with essential gut bacteria. The Japanese begin their day with a bowl of miso soup to kick-start the digestive system. Why not use it in place of soy in marinades and broths for an unbeatable burst of flavour!

  1. Watermelon Seeds – Do more with your fruit

They seem like they’re just in the way when you’re trying to get to that juicy watermelon flesh. But watermelon seeds are good for diabetics and boost immunity as well as bone health. Top your salads, smoothies and desserts with roasted watermelon seeds or take home low-calorie seed butter for your morning toast.

Visit a Foodhall store near you for everything you’ll need for the 21-day Challenge or get them delivered to your doorstep by calling + 91 80950-31111



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