The Unsung Heroes of the Italian Kitchen Recipe

Team Foodhall

Planning an authentic Italian dinner for your next get-together? These fresh Mediterranean must-haves will elevate your dishes and take your spread to the next level.   



Black Garlic – The aged bulb has no pungency or unpleasant odour and its mellow nuttiness adds umami depth to Italian dressings and spreads.


San Marzano Tomatoes – The sweet Italian plum tomatoes from Campania

are the fruit of choice for pizza sauces, ragù and marinara sauce.


Italian Basil – The more delicate, green-stemmed member of the basil family, this vibrant leaf brings a peppery-sweetness to pesto Genovese and classic Caprese salads.


Fennel – Native to the Mediterranean region, fennel is one of Italy’s most popular vegetables. Its licorice-like flavour makes it a great complement to fish or you can eat it the Tuscan way, braised with a generous shake of Parmesan.


Burrata – The perfect combination of mozzarella and fresh cream, this smooth pouch of cheese hides a creamy centre. Italians often eat it with a simple sprinkle of salt and a drizzle of olive oil and its mild flavour pairs well with fresh berries, melon, and stone fruits. A simple way to elevate pizza is to add it to your pie at the end of the baking process for a melt-in-your-mouth topping.


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