Things You Didn’t Know About Moscow Mules Recipe

Team Foodhall
  1. The original Moscow Mule cocktail was made with two ingredients no one wanted at the time.

In 1941 at the Cock ‘N’ Bull in Hollywood, the bar owner found himself unable to sell either the cases of Smirnoff Vodka or house made ginger beer. Wes Price, the bartender at the time, said he was just trying to clear out the basement. Thus came about the inception of Moscow Mules.

  1. Those famous mugs happened by luck.

An immigrant named Sophie Berezinski went to California with copper mugs she had designed in her father’s copper shop in Russia. She tried selling them around Los Angeles as she feared her husband might trash it. She found willing buyers at the Cock ‘N’ Bull who wanted something to make their drink stand out. Stroke of genius!

  1. It put Smirnoff Vodka on the map.

Before the Moscow Mule, Smirnoff was a tiny company owned by an almost penniless Russian ex-pat. But two years after John Martin bought the company in 1939 he got it over to the Cock-N-Bull where it would become the vodka of choice for a properly made mule for decades. Now we can’t imagine this cocktail without it.

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