Tohfa E Zameen Recipe

Looking for a recipe to impress your guests? Try Chef Sanjay Tyagi from Tatva, Upper Crust magazine's - Tohfa E Zameen.
Cook Time: 45 minutes

Difficulty: Difficult
Serves: 2 people


400 g yam
50 g besan (gram flour / chana dal flour) roasted
½ tsp cardamom, elaichi powder
½ tsp red chilli powder
5 ml white vinegar
10 g coriander, chopped
50 g Vanaspati ghee
8 pistachios, chopped
30 g cheddar cheese, grated
2 green chillies, de-seeded and finely chopped
Salt to taste
Water as required


For the filling

  1. Mix grated cheese, green chillies and pistachios. 

For the kebabs

  1. Clean, cut and boil yam with white vinegar using adequate water. Drain yam and place it in the food processor and grind into a fine paste.Roast the ground yam in ghee for 10 minutes. Cool on a flat tray.
  2. Add roasted chana powder, coriander, salt, red chilli powder and cardamom powder to the yam and mix well.
    Divide into 4 equal pieces.
  3. Make roundels with yam paste and stuff the filling.
  4. Make round patties and shallow fry in ghee. Serve with green chutney.