Trending Now: Sushi Burger Recipe

Team Foodhall

Social media influences us tremendously. Everything from what we eat to where we eat is heavily documented, making it easy for trendspotting. Earlier this year, we spotted a trend making waves in Australia – sushi burger.

Yes, first there were Californian Sushi Burritos for on-the-go hipsters. Those beautiful rainbow-coloured sushi rolls dissected in half adorned our phone screens all year long. Now it’s time to clear the path for sushi burgers. These tasty rice-wrapped burgers are loaded with sushi ingredients such as nori, sashimi, avocado, sesame, and wasabi, giving you a bite of familiarity with a crunch of newness.

Get in on the trend by making them at home this week. We got Kankana Saxena from Playful Cooking to recreate this trendy dish for us.

Just look at how beautiful this is!


Click here for the recipe.