Triple Mushroom Chevre vol au vents

Triple Mushroom & Chevre Vol au vent Recipe

Team Foodhall

1. Trim and peel the mushrooms, wash and cut them into dices. If you’re using dried mushrooms, soak them in warm water, wash them 3-4 times & drain the excess water before processing.
2. Heat olive oil in a saucepan over medium heat. Add the minced garlic and chopped onion to the pan, saute till they turn pink and translucent.
3. Add all the mushrooms and continue to cook, stir often over low heat until all the liquid is absorbed and the mushrooms are cooked.
 4. Once the liquid is over, take the mixture off the heat and stir in the butter, thyme, herb salt and crushed pepper.
 Add the grated parmesan to give the mushroom mixture a smooth, creamy texture. Sprinkle chopped parsley and mix well.
5. Mix a little crumbled goat cheese to the mixture and fill the vol au vent shells. Sprinkle chopped parsley and more crumbled chevre on top and drizzle extra virgin olive oil on top.

6. Serve warm. 

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