Truffle appetizers

Truffle: Bringing Home Decadence Recipe

Ayushi Gupta

Over the years, I’ve developed quite a taste for truffles. Earthy, fragrant and intense… truffles add a rich lift to even the simplest of dishes.

As they say there’s just no getting enough of a good thing, with this much sought-after delicacy now available in a variety of shapes and forms, from truffle oil to truffle salt. My kitchen-cupboard would be incomplete without these products, which effortlessly refine my home-cooking and elevate my dinner parties by a few decadent notches!

Here’s all you need to know if you’re looking to incorporate such truffle-based ingredients into your recipes too…

Truffle Oil
Truffle Oil

Truffle oil of good quality can be used to recreate the taste and scent of fresh truffles but there are a few thumb rules to remember when using it.

First, do not cook with truffle oil as its inherent flavour is eroded at a high temperature. Truffle oil is mainly a “finishing oil,” to be used in small quantities by drizzling over cooked/ prepared dishes or sauces, right before serving. 

Next, it’s important to draw a distinction between black and white truffle oil. Black truffle oil is more robustly flavoured, making it a good match for hearty foods such as meaty dishes or dishes featuring wild mushrooms for instance. While white truffle oil has a more peppery flavour and is used to season more delicate dishes such as fleshed fish or lightly-flavoured meats.

The two varieties can be used interchangeably when added to “mild” foods such as cooked pasta, pizza, potatoes, risotto, cheese and eggs – it depends on your personal taste. You can also toss popcorn or potato chips in truffle oil to make these quintessential snacks more indulgent!

While there is no dearth of situations in which you can use truffle oil, do be careful not to add it to every dish at your dinner table as its unique richness is lost if overdone.

Black Truffle Salt

This is actually one of my favourite ingredients as just a pinch of truffle salt can go a long way in adding flavour to whole host of dishes. For instance, it can be sprinkled over dips, scrambled eggs and even homemade cookies. It can also add a rich seasoning to side dishes such as roast potatoes and green beans – simply toss these veggies with truffle salt once they have been steamed or cooked. You could also toss popcorn with truffle salt (instead of truffle oil as suggested above).

Black Truffle Honey

Black truffle honey always makes a wonderful addition to my cheese platter, especially when accompanying a soft cheese such as brie. Other situations where it works rather well include:

  • Drizzled over Greek yogurt or ricotta.

  • Mixed into the dairy base of an ice cream or sorbet; or alternatively used to line the base of a dish that a cold dessert (such as custard) would be poured into before it sets.

  • Mixed into your next salad dressing with apple cider vinegar and seasoning.

  • Spooned out straight from the jar.

  • Drizzle over grilled fish or steak

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