Vanilla Beans Recipe

Sweet in aroma and rich woody smokey in flavour, vanilla beans are a prestigious addition to your spice box. Lending a subtle flavour, vanilla beans are the star ingredient when it comes to baking desserts like creme brulee or pound cake and even pana cotta.

It has a dry exterior, the inner extract is viscous in texture
Vanilla beans lends it sweet, aromatic, woody-smoky flavour to any dish.
When selecting vanilla beans, ensure that they are not split, moldy or stained. If the bean is too brittle when folded, it's old.
It is ideal to store vanilla beans in the glass cylinders or tubes they come in. But a zip-top bag or spice jar can work as well. If you store it properly in a cool, dry place, vanilla beans can last for up to 2-3 months.

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