Veggie Wonderland – a rainbow of seasonal produce is here to add colourful warmth to your kitchen this winter. Recipe

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One of the best things about winter in India is the abundance of fresh and vibrant fruits and vegetables it heralds. From hot shorbas to saag and crèpes and stews – it’s time to take home the best that the winter harvest has to offer and to revel in the cathartic comfort of cooking with this seasonal produce.


Eat your greens 

Leafy greens are at their peak this time of year and come packed with immunity-boosting minerals and vitamins. Whether they’re in the popular sarson da saag, or creamy palak paneer – fresh winter leaves add a verdant touch of colour to our plates and nutrition to our diets.  You can also toss them in a salad or sprinkle them with Gruyère over a buckwheat crepe. It’s best to eat these lightly-cooked to preserve their nutrient bounty.


Carrots in all the colours

Fermented Kanji made from black carrots, gajar ka halwa from red carrots, chunky soups from orange carrots and roasted baby carrots… our love affair with carrots is a multi-hued one! Each colour brings with it a unique health benefit. For instance, orange carrots contain beta carotene, which are converted by our bodies to vitamin A; red carrots contain lycopene that helps in the fight against heart disease; and black carrots contain anthocyanins – powerful antioxidants that act against harmful free radicals in the body. 


A little bit of zest 

Orange, malta, santra, narangi – India’s orchards are bursting with juicy citrus this January. Rich in vitamin C, oranges boost digestion and comprises alkalising and detoxifying properties that help to keep the body healthy.


Stellar strawberries 

These juicy sweet-and-sour berries are a winter essential. Slice them up over your smoothies or crush them with chia seeds, for a low-sugar jam that’s perfect for a vitamin-filled start to your day! Of course, you can also use strawberries liberally to add a crimson pop of colour and luscious flavour to a variety of desserts.


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