Winter Winners  Recipe

Team Foodhall

Incredibly healthy, heart-warming and unbelievably delicious… winter produce from leafy greens to sweet-and-tart fruits and fresh vegetables open up a world of new recipes this season 

Sarson da Saag:
This winter green detoxifies your body and boosts heart health. Make sarson da saag with makki di roti or use the leaves in other seasonal green curries for an added aroma. 

Roast chunks of squash with crushed whole garlic and herbs for a concentrated flavour that’s hard to beat. Churn it into warming soups or bake it into a cheesy lasagna. A healthy source of fibre and antioxidants, winter squash is both delicious and healthy. 

Little green pearls of young jowar are the most sought-after ingredient this time of year. Sauté them with butter to deepen their nutty flavour and make a gluten-free tabbouleh or upma for an evening snack. 

These immunity-boosting red bulbs are rich in manganese and potassium and are also packed with Vitamin C. Grate them into your chocolate cake batter for a rich, moist cake or to add a dash of colour to your risotto. Beetroot pancakes make for a vibrant breakfast too!

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