Would You Like Some Tea? Recipe

Team Foodhall

This summer find the perfect tea to beat the scorching heat.

These summer months are certainly playing a number on each one of us. As the temperature breaches new heights and the sultriness continues to bog us down, we all reach out for something that can cool and refresh us from within.

Infused teas, which may be such a blessing in the winter months, what with the warmth they impart, may be just as great in the summer months, when they may be brewed cold. Here are some great ways to get through these summer months on a delicious refreshing note.

Sun-brew your tea
Did you know that you can actually set of jar of water, with your favourite tea and some flavouring ingredients in the sun and create a gorgeous brew for yourself? Some tips you need to keep in mind though, for your sun tea.

  • Use black teas as these bring in some delicious roasted flavours that are so classically summer.
  • Use glass jars and not plastic to do your brewing. This brings down the chances of bacteria coming in the way of your brewing.
  • Use only filtered water to make your tea.
  • Place your jar where there is uninterrupted sunlight for at least 3 to 4 hours at a stretch. Brew your tea for a minimum of 3 hours and not more than 5 hours.
  • Throw in a few slices of lime or orange into your brew for some infused flavours
  • Prepare a sweetener solution for your tea, if you prefer to use it. Pour it into the cup when you are going to serve your tea.

The teas you prepare this way will actually vary in taste from when they are made over the fire.

Tea Infusions with Herbs
You may prepare infused teas in two ways – in a saucepan over the fire and then set it aside to cool or by allowing the tea to infuse in the refrigerator with all the ingredients. This will be an overnight process but worth the wait. There are a range of combinations that you may consider this summer for your herbal teas.

Chamomile and mint, herbal combinations work really well together in a tea. A mix of lemon herbs – lemongrass and lemon verbena for example also go together well. You could also try using a lemon herb with peppermint, hibiscus mint or rosemary.

With green tea being on the top of the list for most tea drinkers, there are a few combinations you may think of trying as well. Green tea goes extremely well with lavender or mint in the brew.

Tea Infusions with Fruits
There are a whole range of fruits that you may consider adding to your tea. Apple, orange and lemon are the most popular choices when it comes to tea infused recipes. You may also consider adding frozen ice cubes with pieces of fruit in them. Almost every kind of berry works amazingly well when added to brewed tea – choose from strawberries, blueberries or raspberries. Kiwis too, make a great addition.

There are so many interesting combinations of infused teas you could try this summer. Seeing how the summer months seem interminable, each day may be dedicated to a new tea experiment.

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