Zeytoon Parvardeh (Persian Pomegranate, Olive and Walnut Dip) Recipe

A moreish Persian dip relished with breads and crackers.
Cook Time: 15 minutes

Difficulty: Easy
Serves: 4


Green olives, chopped; 200 g
Roasted walnuts; 1/2 cup

Garlic cloves, minced; 4

Pomegranate paste or molasses; 4 tbsp
Fresh mint, chopped; 1/2 cup
Pomegranate seeds; 1/4 cup
Ground angelica; 1/4 tsp (optional)
Salt and pepper; as needed


1. Toast walnuts until the room is filled with a pleasant aroma. Allow to cool at room temperature. Give them a rough chop.

2. In a bowl, add olives, walnuts, chopped mint, minced garlic and pomegranate paste or molasses. Season as required.

3. Mix well and place in an air tight container, over-night in the fridge.

4. When ready to serve, give a good mix and add pomegranate seeds. Mix again.

5. Serve with lavash bread, baguette slices or crackers.

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